“I had an absolutely FABULOUS experience having our wedding reception at this venue!! Ashlee Lukoff (McCullough) is an absolute JEM to work with!! She made everything happen with ease, and whenever I needed questions answered or ideas to chew on- she was there with a QUICK answer! She also diverted any "emergencies" away from me that could be taken care of by her and her team.

As for the venue itself- it was perfect for us! (Ok- for me, versus my husband!) I wanted something different other than the traditional venue, since many of our guests have been to a million weddings- including myself. While we were taking pictures, our guests were treated to a scavenger hunt in the museum galleries, which they won a prize for at the end. Our guests took pictures in the art galleries (which was cool, as long as they were posing next to an art piece), and it seemed that they were thoroughly entertained by the atmosphere. It was very important to us, me especially, that our guests were not just sitting around bored while waiting for us. We made a really cool entrance when we walked into the lobby space, where our tables were set up, from the galleries.

It was just perfect for us and our something-a-little-different vision, and the service we received was spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Alison 8-4-12

“I am so happy that my husband and I chose the DCCA for our wedding reception May 2011. The space is so unique, and Ashlee Lukoff (McCullough), the Special Events Director and her staff were so accommodating! We got lots of positive feedback about the space, and our friends loved being able to walk through the galleries... some of them are still talking about it!”

Jennie 5-21-11

“The DCCA was a wonderful place for our wedding. Having the galleries open during the reception added a touch of class that had our guests buzzing for months. Ashlee was incredibly helpful in every way possible and had great suggestions for other vendors. She was extremely accommodating and let us set up as early as possible. I would recommend DCCA to anyone having an event, definitely. I can't compliment them enough!”

Tara 9-18-10


“The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts was an amazing place to hold the "Blank Slate" reception. If you have ideas that are outside of the "wedding in a box" as many hotel venues provide the DCCA is the place you'll want to look into. The event director Ashlee Lukoff (McCullough) is amazing, attentive and extremely responsive. She was wonderful to work with and I would recommend this venue to anyone.”

Simic- 10-11-09