Contemporary Connections

Since 1992, The Delaware Contemporary has implemented its Contemporary Connections interdisciplinary arts program in Delaware public schools as a vehicle to expose students to the connections between art and other core subjects such as math, science, and the humanities.

The Delaware Contemporary is now accepting applications from schools for the Spring 2016 semester. For more information about Contemporary Connections or to inquire about participating in the program for the upcoming school year, find information at the links below or contact Jennifer Polillo, Curator of Education.

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Contemporary Connections students

Contemporary Connections: 2014 - 2015 School Year

Fall 2014: Character – Wayne Kleppe and Stubbs Elementary School

Artist Wayne Kleppe and Mrs. Solomon’s 5th Grade students used 2D & 3D art to investigate English Language Arts and character development. Using hand-bound bookmaking techniques, students created concrete poetry anthologies, in which verses are laid out in the shape of a related image. They also explored character development through storyboarding, comic books, and mask-making.

Fall 2014: Main Drops – Jen Polillo and Stubbs Elementary School

Artist Jen Polillo teamed up with Mrs. Coleman’s 5th grade students to address their Common Core reading unit by creating a visual guide for learning about main ideas, story details, and cause & effect to help with reading comprehension. Through projects using Visual Thinking Strategies, storyboards, and anchor charts, students collaborated on a vibrant installation of hanging “main idea” umbrellas. Colorful raindrops displaying methods of analyzing text were grouped and affixed to multicolored umbrellas hung throughout the classroom for the students and teacher to use as visual references for the years to come.

Spring 2015: Lights! Character! Animation! – Suzanne Seesman and Bancroft Elementary School

Artist Suzanne Seesman and Ms. Eller’s 4th students tackled character traits, descriptive text, and adjectives through infusing art with their English Language Arts curriculum. Students gained familiarity with a variety of characteristics by attributing them to different body parts (e.g. thoughtful with the head, strength with the arms) and represented this through a variety of individual and collaborative drawing activities. Students then used these early brainstorms to develop short skits to be filmed against a green-screen. Working with Ms. Seesman, they designed backgrounds for their films and used computer software to combine their still images and live-action skits. The project culminated in a screening of short films during their final exhibition reception.

Spring 2015: Masks and Myths – Wayne Kleppe and Bancroft Elementary School

Artist Wayne Kleppe collaborated with Mr. Avinger’s 4th grade students to integrate visual art with their English Language Arts curriculum. Students incorporated storyboarding and mask-making techniques to explore mythologies, fairy tales, and folklore. They also explored freeform poetry to re-imagine classic folklore text, ultimately creating their own mythological skits. Their final exhibition presentation concluded in a performance of their completed work.