Confirmations, Declarations, Doubts

Exhibit Dates: 
Jan 24, 2016 - Apr 24, 2016
DuPont II Gallery

In Confirmations, Declarations, Doubts, artists Andria Morales and Aaron McIntosh explore the challenges of expressing and defining queerness, sexuality, and identity both inside and outside familiar communities. Venturing into the language and image-heavy worlds of online dating sites, social networks, and old and new printed matter, Morales and McIntosh communicate modes of identification in ongoing pursuit of intimacy.

Morales and McIntosh represent family, friends, partners, and virtual community, examining their own development within these relational structures. A fourth-generation quilter, McIntosh uses phone sex ads, gay erotica, comics, and lifestyle magazines collected from his adolescence and young adulthood to reference his experience growing up queer in conservative Tennessee. In works like Granny/BJ Chair and Freshman Magazine, August 2002 Issue (Broken Links), McIntosh embodies domesticity, while also calling attention to overt sexualization and the sensual body. In an intriguing presentation of her exchanges from the online dating website OkCupid and Fetlife, a bondage, BDSM, and fetish social network, Morales similarly documents her own sexual evolution, body, and attraction to kink. Each conversation implies a degree of trust, which is in turn asked of the viewer.

Both artists offer a glimpse into private and public personhood, questioning heteronormative definitions of closeness and exposing the inherent role vulnerability plays in sexuality. Collectively, the works in Confirmations, Declarations, Doubts speak to internal dialogues rooted in complexities of continuous self-making and being.

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