Exhibit Dates: 
Apr 18, 2015 - Aug 16, 2015
E. Avery Draper Showcase

Drew Leshko's architecturally based, miniature wall-hanging sculptures document buildings in his Philadelphia neighborhood with extraordinary accuracy. By carving, cutting, and layering varieties of paper and wood, Leshko creates a scaled-down, three-dimensional archive of Philadelphia buildings in transition, often buildings that have been slated to be razed or redeveloped. Leshko hopes viewers will think about history, preservation, gentrification, and how aspects of our culture are constantly in flux.

Working from observation and photographs, Leshko painstakingly recreates building facades from his neighborhood at a 1:12 scale, taking weeks to create each piece. The proportion is familiar to some viewers as a standard dollhouse scale, but Leshko's treatment of the buildings is anything but idealized. His meticulously detailed work includes city detritus such as pallets and abandoned pay phones, along with the posters and street art that often embellish deteriorating buildings. Easily overlooked minutiae like acid rain deposits and rust become beautiful adornments.

Highlighting urban development's quick fixes and simple solutions, Leshko's work asks the viewer to build their own ideas of why and when changes to our urban surroundings are made and to question how historical importance is determined in our increasingly disposable culture.

About the Artist

Drew Leshko is a Philadelphia-based artist whose work has been exhibited in Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Houston, Indiana, Detroit, and Miami. His work is included in the permanent collection of the West Collection (Philadelphia), the Dean Collection (NYC), the Hosner Collection (Los Angeles) and Ironstate Development’s Corporate collection (Hoboken), and holds a page in the book, The Art of Buying Art: An Insider's Guide to Collecting Contemporary Art.

Images courtesy of Paradigm Gallery & Studio and the West Collection.

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