Exhibit Dates: 
Feb 11, 2011 - May 8, 2011
Beckler Family Members’ Gallery

Arden Bendler Browning’s large abstract gouache paintings
on Tyvek reflect a changing awareness of vision and the
experience of movement in the urban landscape. Her paintings
illustrate an increasing ability to see and navigate the world
with the click of a mouse. Browning states, “Part of the allure of
using Google Maps is the ability to not only find an image of just
about any address or location, but to be able to turn around,
jump ahead, look up, zoom in, and zoom back out to map view.”
Browning visualizes several different perspectives at once in
her work, using ambiguous shapes, overlapping forms, and
blotches of color to create a visual barrier between distant vistas.
In Browning’s splintered cityscapes, the ground appears to shift
and break apart while fence, highway, and bridge-like forms
seem shattered, detached, and floating in space. For her exhibition
at the DCCA, Browning will install several of her mural-sized
works, which she states are informed in part by ideas in architecture
and urban planning. Browning also considers the impact of
industrial decay, gentrification, travel, tourism, and suburban
sprawl on cities and the natural environment. The artist is highly
attuned to her experience of the ordinary and often neglected
spaces many of us consider the necessary urban ruins we must
pass en route to our final destination. In contrast, Browning
salvages these sites as provocative subjects for her paintings.

- Maiza Hixson
Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art