Exhibit Dates: 
Feb 28, 2012 - Apr 1, 2012
Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery

DCCA Studio artists Anne Oldach and Emily Artinian explore broad themes around the subject of exchange, of moving across, of translation – looking at both social interactions, and also at implications of moving across artistic mediums.

Anne Oldach

These mixed media pieces combine encaustic (a pigmented  bees wax and rosin) with elements of collage created from photographs, drawings, magazines or newspapers.

Although the final result is usual abstract, multiple layers veil images from nature and cultures. Sometimes phantoms emerge and juxtaposed elements that are unexpected may spark a viewer response. In the process I seek a balance of control and chance.

Anne Oldach is a Delaware based artist. Her work is represented by the Station Gallery in Greenville, Delaware and she maintains a studio at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts.

Emily Artinian

In a performance work that culminates in an artist’s book, Artinian will create ‘A Portrait of Wilmington 2012’: the Hatch Gallery will become the site for interviews with city residents, focusing on how they see their hometown today, their remembrances of its past, their hopes for its future. Each participant is asked to bring an object that represents the city for them: photographs of this collection will become part of the final publication. Bring your own object to participate on opening night.

Emily Artinian, originally from Chester County, PA, has worked in London for the past decade and recently moved to Delaware. She makes artist’s books, often exploring literature and storytelling and also social interactions. Her most recent work about the Occupy Wall Street movement is currently on exhibit at the new Project Space gallery in Wilmington (